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Somatic Education

“Body-based self-empowerment” through
movement, natural medicine, massage and
other healing and self-awareness practices
is the foundation of somatic education
at Eight Elements.

Similar to a martial arts practice,
a somatic approach focuses on
the art of internal engagement of
body, mind and heart.

It is this deeper awareness of self that
creates greater nervous system coherence
which is the ground for inner security
and presence.

Why 8 Centers?
Our integrative wellness approach offers the nervous system support at multiple levels. This is the goal of somatic complexity. To guide this process, we conveniently offer access to a complex of 8-centers-under-1-roof: a Nia Center, Yoga Center, Barre Center, Strength Center, Massage Center, Integrative Clinic and a Healthy Home Center. Inner clarity is the result of a Personal Daily Wellness path with somatic foundations.

All of our centers offer you an opportunity to develop a “daily practice”. The Strength Center supports functional movement intelligence. The Yoga Center joins systemic awareness with breathing practices. The Nia Center offers a dynamic environment of 9 movement arts: tai chi, tae kwon do and aikido (3 martial arts); jazz, Duncan and modern dance (3 dance arts); and Feldenkrais, Alexander and yoga (3 healing arts). The Integrative Clinic offers Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, individually prescribed Chinese herbs, and food therapy as personal medicine.

Our care for our clients’ health includes the reality of a busy life with multiple commitments to family, friends and work. To support these higher standards and clear personal values, we attune ourselves to pay attention to needs at all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Restore Conscious Living
Therefore we strive to be far more than a “gym” or “club” which centrally attends to body mechanics. The resolve to reach higher and offer you both “daily wellness” and “somatic education” requires an extraordinary, dedicated commitment from our practitioners both as individuals and as a team. It also requires dedicated and spirited clients. This phenomenon of devoted mutual cooperation is indeed a rare privilege, an association that deserves recognition of the courage and discipline essential to reaching elevated ground, together.

To use evocative terms and to precisely clarify the foundations we craft together at Eight Elements adds consciousness and power to our healing-filled lives. We hope that this authentic description of our work helps clients embody the sophisticated relationship in which we are taking part so that it may be communicated to friends, family, spouses and children.

The extraordinary journey is to open new dimensions in the science and art of wellness and inspire you to wholeness. In expanding the perception of what creates health for individuals, families and communities, we invite you to join us and spread the good word!

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