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Integrative Clinic

Chinese Medicine meets
Somatics & Neuroscience

Eight Elements West supports the growing realization of our primal nature and its implications in higher wellness and in the treatment of disease. In its best form, modernized medicine would amplify the power of the body’s natural laws, natural cycles and natural rhythms as governed by biology and Mother Nature.

Together, Eastern Chinese medicine wisdom-filled tradition and ground-breaking Western research in the biology of neuroscience integrate to offer you Powerful Medicine. 


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) honors the laws and cycles of the seasons which are collapsed into a form known as the Five Element Cycle.  TCM acknowledges the reflection of this cycle through our organs, emotions, thought, experiences and even our personality, in an attempts to restore systemic balance.

Chinese Herbs

Our Chinese Herbal Pharmacy treat a full range of symptoms including migraines, headaches, sleep, insomnia, digestive . . .


Choose from many therapeutic styles: Deep Tissue, Thai Therapy, Body Melt, Deep Energy Balance

Somatic Therapy

The Biology of Neuroscience recognizes that ‘stress’ is a state of accumulation and overwhelm in the nervous system.  In this overwhelm, the body employs the use of 3 basic survival responses – Fight, Flight Freeze.  Our aim in somatic therapy is to honor the intelligence of these responses in guiding the organism back to self-regulation.

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