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Eight Elements Professionals are experienced
licensed therapists specializing in energy work.
Energy work relieves body blockages and increases
internal energy flow to bring aliveness to the body’s
tissues and organs.

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Deep Tissue

Soothe neck, shoulders, back with deep tissue massage, therapeutic & more


… and Visceral Manipulation profoundly reduce stress, promoting insightful read more

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Essential Oils

Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang. Medicinal plants read more

Our Mission
At Eight Elements Massage La Jolla, we provide multi-modal self-care to improve your physical vitality and emotional well-being. The unique focus of our work is a blended base of Chinese Medicine, and treatments that emphasize the Cranial, Visceral, and Fascial systems and Energy Medicine. 

We also strive to provide you with education and encouragement to eat well with plant-based nutrition and strengthen your body through somatic-based movement training.  For therapeutic needs we integrate a wellness plan with one of 3 movement screens: FMS Functional Movement Screen, Posture Analysis or Fitness Test, and check in with a Nutrition Analysis.


About Chinese Medicine, Fascial massage, and energy treatments:
Our practitioners are highly skilled in therapists that include Reiki, CranioSacral, Cupping, Acupuncture by licensed practitioners and more. These can be integrated into your massage at Eight Elements.

Healing the Body:
The human body is made of energy fields, which can become sluggish. Energy work relieves these energy blocks and increases the external and internal flow of energy, called chi. Clients report that energy work produces a profound impact on the reduction of physical pain; promotes insightful mental clarity; enhances energy and a sense of positive well-being; and evokes a deep sense of calm.

For those clients who need or want lighter hands-on techniques, energy work is an excellent alternative or adjunct, adding both healing and balancing properties to many sessions. Clients comment that they feel more relaxed and at peace during sessions that involve energy work.

The largest benefit in energy therapy is the connection the client establishes with the practitioner. The client is encouraged through their body to feel and sense the conscious direction of the practitioner’s intention and energy. This allows the client to responds even more to a treatment.

Just as there are many different modalities in massage, such as deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, and myofascial release, there are several ways to bring the proper stimulation and vibration needed for the nervous system. Your practitioner can incorporate them as needed.


1)    Massage improves circulation.
2)    Massage cleanses the lymph.

3)    Massage cleanses the kidneys.
4)    Massage relieves pain.

5)    Massage increase mobility.
6)    Massage improves posture.

7)    Massage softens scar tissue.
8)    Massage promotes relaxation.

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