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Yoga Class Styles

Yoga Visceral Cranial Systems
Yoga Fascia
Yoga As Medicine
Iyengar Yoga & Pranayama

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Yoga Visceral Cranial Systems 101
Move beyond mainstream yoga and the musculoskeletal system, and move into understanding the Craniosacral  (spine, sacrum, brain), and Visceral Systems (abdominal organs). Core teachings: movement through the pelvis/abdomen, chest/heart, and head/cranium in relation to the systems mentioned above, as well as the chakras. Focus will include one of 8 basic types of poses – forward bend, back bend, rotation, inversions, balance, strength, seated, and meditation postures – to leading to greater integration.
Sunday 10:00-11:00am

Yoga Fascia 201
Alignment of the fascia is a function of the mind, body, spirit and heart joining to support you with the most meaningful contributions you have to make in this life. Access deeper engagement of the inner body with alignment-based instruction based on traditions such as Iyengar.
Friday 9-10am

Yoga As Medicine 101
Experience yoga as it was intended, as daily Physical Medicine and Spiritual Medicine:
1 . Seasonal Nutrition
2 . Somatic Awareness
3 . Sutra Meditation
This restorative-style yoga class may also include: seasonal nutrition information, acupressure points, and sutra / mudra meditation with essential oil of the month in class.
Thursday 7-8pm

This is La Jolla’s best secret…a health mecca for body, mind and soul.
If you haven’t gone, go!  Try their classes and instructors for at least a month.
8EW is not flashy, it is EXTRAORDINARY.  

– Olga

What will my first Yoga session be like?
You’ll first be asked to fill out a client intake form with questions regarding your health history and goal in seeking us out. Come dressed in comfortable workout clothing that hugs the body. The instructor in your yoga class will recognize you as being new to the class and will work with you on a personal basis as needed.  Be sure to pace yourself, move into a resting pose when needed, and talk to the instructor for all your needs.

Will I get individual attention?
At Eight Elements our class size is limited so we can give you personal attention to reach goals easily, quickly and safely.

How many times a week should I do Yoga?  Yoga La Jolla
Consistent attendance 2-4 times a week is recommended for deep flexibility and a calm mind.

What about Yoga and spirituality?
Yoga was primarily developed to bring spirit into the body through the practice of 8 Limbs (ashta = 8, anga = limbs).   This is one of the meanings of “8 Elements”. Western practices often don’t address the 8 Limbs, we believe,  because of the diversity of beliefs in spirit in the West.  The asanas, the 3rdlimb or element, means “postures”, or poses.  The postures are designed to clear the distraction of body tension – through proper alignment the body is prepared to allow the mind to settle deeply inside, permeating the tissues and cells. Think of it like breathing in a very fine, light mist throughout your entire body. This settled lightness is our natural state of being.

Yoga History & Philosophy
The word yoga means yolk, or union. The rich history of yoga began more than five thousand years ago as an oral tradition. Outlawed by the city-states because of the astonishing power it was believed to transmit, yoga was practiced in secrecy. The tradition was handed down individually from master to student underground, often in the privacy of a sacred cave.

Body Alignment
Aspirations for a better body is often what draws most people to do yoga at first. Unmatched inner strength, deep flexibility, improved posture and poise are all rewards of disciplined efforts to achieve the perfect pose. But what compels one to continue is something deeper.

At its core, yoga is stillness that brings peace where chaos exists. Erich Shiffmann, international master yoga instructor and co-star of the Yoga Mind and Body video, says it best: “Stillness is like a perfectly centered top, spinning so fast it appears motionless … Stillness is not the absence or negation of energy, life or movement. Stillness is dynamic. It is unconflicted movement, life in harmony with itself, skill in action … Our lives are more like a top in a somewhat wild, erratic and chaotic spin”. We are not chaotic because we are spinning too fast, but because we are not perfectly centered. Proper body alignment promotes the release of body tension.

Mental Harmony
The postures – called asanas – together with focused concentration create a framework of drawing one’s energy in toward the center of the spinning top. Subtle body adjustments, created both physically and mentally, release surges of energy in the body and mind, not by increasing it, but by releasing the constriction that is blocking its flow. Because of this, enthusiasts of yoga report a sense of harmony that is deeply internal and unaffected external conditions.

8 Benefits
1)  Yoga is balance.
2)  Yoga is flexibility.
3)  Yoga is postural strength.
4)  Yoga is alignment.
5)  Yoga creates a sense of inner lightness.
6)  Yoga is simplicity.
7)  Yoga is wholeness.
8)  Yoga is union.

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