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Massage Gift Certificates

Massage Gift Certificates

Why do muscle spasms hurt? The “knots” caused by tense tissues can impinge on sensitive nerves starving them of vital oxygen and thus signaling pain. Even if tight tissues do not directly entrap nerves, the acidic toxins that become lodged in them can irritate delicate nerve endings. By softening and opening tight tissues, massage relieves direct pressure on nerves and flushes away caustic metabolic wastes.

Joints contain a lubricating fluid to facilitate movement, much as oil helps to move a hinge. Injury, health problems or habitual lack of movement can cause a joint’s fluid to decrease. Massage brings more fluid to joints enabling them to move more freely again.

Lymph removes toxins and is essential to tissue maintenance and repair. By improving lymph circulation, massage speeds healing. Metabolic wastes and other toxins are flushed out more efficiently and the body is cleansed more effectively.

Adequate blood flow is essential to the health and healing of your body tissues. By improving blood circulation, massage brings vital oxygen and nutrients to restricted or damaged tissues. Effective blood circulation promotes homeostasis (healthy balance) for muscles, internal organs and skin.

It is not just a coincidence that so many people have chronic back pain where the kidneys are located. The kidneys are major detoxification organs and are the well-source of your life force, or chi. Massage helps the kidneys to flush. It is also important to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day. Drink one glass in the morning upon arising, 3 glasses by midday, and 4 after. Only pure water, plain and simple, cleanses.

Some physical therapists assert that 90% of all back, neck and head pain is caused by tight muscles and exacerbated by poor posture. Correct posture is best achieved when our soft tissues are relaxed and balanced. Massage loosens chronically tight muscles, as does exercise (pilates, yoga, perfect posture, weights) and daily awareness of posture in sitting, standing and walking.

Long after an injury has healed, the body may retain scar tissue and/or adhesions to protect damaged tissues. Scar tissue and adhesions are notoriously tough and inflexible; deep massage can physically reshape these fibrous bands, restoring flexibility and circulation to restricted areas.

The soothing, rhythmic movement of massage activates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, or “relaxation response”. Blood pressure drops, breathing slows and deepens, circulation and digestion improve and there is a shift in perception toward an increased sense of tranquility and well-being.

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