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one’s energy is light & centered, peaceful, essence, growth, balance, insight, harmony.

A pure, vegetarian diet releases tension from muscles and mind, while nourishing the body to a peaceful state. Your yoga poses become easier. Your body’s increased ability for strength and flexibility will reflect also in your mind. In this state the mind can function at its highest potential.

  • Fresh, water-based, light, non-stimulating flavors, nourishing
  • Uplift the body without dropping, draining, taxing.
  • Uplift the mind to higher states of consciousness.
  • Fruits, vegetables, fresh milk and butter, cheese, legumes, nuts, soaked and
    sprouted beans, grains, honey, herb tea, and herbs and spices in proper combination

one’s energy is constantly moving nervous, change, active, positive, prana, illusion, passion, pain.

  • Bitter, sour, pungent, salty, hot, dry
  • Excite the body to motion, activity, and pain – at times at the expense of the mind.
  • Excite the mind to passion, motivation – to a point of restlessness and uncontrollability.
  • Fried foods, overly cooked foods, sharp spices, sharp herbs, coffee, tea, fish, eggs,
    salt, chocolate. And, eating in a hurry.

one’s energy is dark lazy, inertia, potentiality, passive, negative, body, delusion, attachment, disease.

  • Fermented, dry, distasteful strong flavors
  • Dull the body by consuming large amounts of digestive force – no benefit to body or
    mind. Immunity is compromised.
  • Dull the mind and darken the emotions to doubt, cloudiness, pessimism, anger, greed,
    ignorance, inertia – prana withdrawn from body & mind.
  • Meat, alcohol, onions, garlic, fermented (vinegar), processing, stale and overripe.
    Saints and seers can survive easily on sattvic foods alone. Households that live in the
    world and have to keep pace with its changes also need rajasic energy, keeping a
    balance with sattvic. Tamasic foods are best avoided when possible.

Candle: tamas
Flame: rajas
Light: sattva

Root: tamas
Leaves, branches: raja
Fruit & flowers: sattva

8 Yoga Nutrition Basics

1. Eat non-processed live foods

2. Make changes slowly and gradually

3. Hydrate

4. Every body is different – listen to yours

5. Eat early

6. Eat seasonally

7. You are what you eat – Sattvic, Rajasic, Tamasic

8. 80-20 rule

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