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Veteran Acupuncture



. Pain
. Allergies
. Asthma
. Constipation
. Sleep, Insomnia
. Migraines, Headache
. Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Fridays 2:00-5:00 pm  



We Believe in Giving Back.
Free yoga, acupuncture, Treks, and Organic Intelligence for veterans.


Andrea Plichta L.Ac. & Chinese Herbal Physician

FREE session for Vets mail

Single Session . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $  35
Treatment Series of 4 (exp 3 months)  . . . . . . . $ 100  ($25/visit)

First time ?  
1)  Click here, download First Visit Intake
2)  Click here to download Guidelines
3)  Email: 

Location:  6830 La Jolla Blvd. #201
Call Eight Elements 
858.459.0899 for assistance.


Find out more about free treatments sponsored by Warriors Live On 
Email a request for a consultation to

Eight Elements and Warriors Live On proudly thank you for your service.



Warriors Live OnWLO_Logo_HighRes
Eight Elements has partnered with Warriors Live On (WLO), an organization that assists combat veterans reintegrate from combat into community. WLO is dedicated to helping combat veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and learn essential skills vital to living healthy, sustainable and fruitful lives.  A holistic whole-person approach helps veterans process trauma through body, mind, heart and spirit.  Our programs are
cooperative in nature and community-based. We provide special holistic health, healing and educational experiences including:

  1. TREKS:  therapeutic adventure, group therapy and outdoor education
  2. MOVEMENT:  Adaptive yoga w/mindfulness, fitness training
  3. THERAPIES:  Meditation, acupuncture, Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence
  4. MENTORSHIP:  Teacher and mentor training



Eight Elements Veterans Acupuncture offers a healing clinical environment where friends and family can receive the best care with Chinese medicine. Acupuncture and herbs are an affordable natural way to treat anxiety, depression, digestive problems, acute and chronic pain, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight loss.  We offer all with an affordable model that makes the medicine accessible for anyone.

Eight Elements is an integrative clinic and somatic training center.  Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) program offers affordable Military Acupuncture and a Chinese Herbal Pharmacy that features extensive time-proven Chinese herbal formulas.

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