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 For 21 days let nature’s pulse in seasonal foods guide you to make more nourishing choices. Begin with a 1-3 day seasonal detox.  Then cleanse for 21 days.  Empower creative, purposeful living.

Saturday July 16
11:30 – 2:30 pm

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$75/paid by Friday July 8, $100 after

You’ll Receive: 

    • 1-3 day seasonal detox plan
    • 18 days of Chinese medicine seasonal recipes
    • Recommendations for seasonal spices, herb tinctures, Bach flower remedies
    • FREE Poultice: Seasonal Essential Oil abdominal poultice heals stress

11:30  –   12:30 – Chinese Medicine and The Seasonal Detox
12:30  –     1:30 – Neuroscience & Fascia:  Pelvis-Chest-Head 

   1:30 –     2:30 – Somatic Movement, Nia, Yoga, Hypnotherapy

Begin with 1-3 day detox.  Continue cleansing for up to 21 days with seasonal foods.  One of 3-levels of suggested detox plans is right for your needs to focus on deeper cleansing.  Receive a full menu of seasonal recipes with healing spices that are curative, quick and easy to prepare.  Gain an understanding of foods that are right for the season.

PULSE 21 is not a fad.   Nature’s pulse and cycles are timeless truths.  Fundamentals of  yoga, Nia, Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence, Craniosacral, and Visceral Manipulation teach the laws of biology to restore balance.  Chinese medicine concepts teach the laws of the spirit.  Learn lasting self-knowledge that applies this season, and every year thereafter.   Please join us.

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      • Absorb cellular intelligence through the Power of the Plant.
      • Drink in the wisdom of natural seasonal foods.
      • A lighter abdomen clarifies the mind.
      • Clear the mind, heart and emotions through somatic movement and dialogue.

The Tools:  Chinese Medicine and fundamental teachings of Yoga, Nia, Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence, Craniosacral, and Visceral Manipulation.

5 Seasons: the biological and spiritual themes


Lemon Parsley Cleanse, Spring Detox

2016 – January 30 Winter is the season to birth your dreams. Inner reflection at this time helps you plant the seeds of your most heartfelt purpose. Winter emphasizes the water element, “fear vs. flow”emotions, kidney/bladder meridians, the organ of the ear and listening skills, and the archetype of the Artist.


2016 – March 26 – Spring is the season of initiation of the dreams you created in winter’s quiet reflection. Spring emphasizes the wood element, the sour flavor, the emotions of ‘Anger vs. Creativity’, the liver/gall bladder meridians, the sense organ of the eye, the calling sound, the color green, and the archetype of the Child.



Turnip Kale Soup, Summer Cleanse

2016 – July 16 – Summer is the season of expansion, encouraging the boldness of a Warrior spirit and lightness of body to bring your dreams into full bloom. It is the season of the heart/small intestine meridians, the fire element, the emotions of joy vs. sorrow, the facial aspect of the tongue, and the archetype of Warrior’s Love. Summer encourages you to lighten your body to expand a Warrior spirit that brings life into full bloom.


2016 – TBD – Late summer is the season of centering, as the transition point between the yang of summer and the self-reflective inward yin of fall/winter where one rebuilds inner resources. It is the season of the stomach/spleen meridians, the earth element, the emotions of compassion vs. emptiness, the sense organ of the mouth, the color yellow, the sweet flavor, the sound of singing, and the nurturing
archetype of Mother Earth.



Honey Coconut Smoothie, Summer Detox

2016 – November 19 – Autumn is the season of completion. This season addresses the lung/large intestine meridians,the pungent flavor, the emotions of grief vs. fulfillment, the metal element, the color white, the facial aspect of the nose, the sound of weeping, and the archetype of the Alchemist. The harvest prepares the ground for the seeds of winter that carry your new dreams and visions forward.




Shift Fundamental Biological Patterns

The laws of your biology determine how well any detox you do will work. That means, if the body is off rhythm, any detox you do perfectly may have little to no effect. Conversely, a body with rhythmic patterns has the capability to process nutrition, thought and emotion effectively. The fundamentals of your biology are explored through
the somatic work of yoga, Nia, Somatic Experiencing, Organic Intelligence,
Craniosacral, and Visceral Manipulation:


Sweet and Sour Veggies, Autumn Detox.

1) Enhance natural rhythmic patterns of your organs. Improve physical and emotional metabolism.

2)  Open the pulse of your Sensory Body,  and increase communication with the brain via the fascia.

3)  Reduce stress and trauma by balancing sympathetic, parasympathetic and vagal responses.  Develop greater resilience and ease.



Shift Fundamental Somatic Patterns

The Self-Organizing principle:  The seasons contain inherent biological and spiritual pulsations and rhythms basic to your growth.  “Self-organization” means coherent innate wisdom that builds more complex, yet sustainable, patterns. The seasons have the potential to bring your organs, brain and mind into a rhythmic pattern of concentric rings of growth that build with both expansion and ease.


The body, mind and emotions have the power to emit pulsations – waves of energy – that are self-organizing. This type of power is overlooked in favor of egoic control, cognition and willfulness. Self-organization arises from innate movement of pulsations that are allowed to build one upon another. The ability to listen, receive, simply “be” with these pulsations – to not superimpose our own thoughts and to simply observe the presence of phenomena that arise on their own, on behalf of our own personal and collective growth – presents a challenge in environments that primarily value planning, listing and doing. A person or group of persons who can listen within and follow the raw primordial organismic pulsations is indeed rare.

The inherent pulsation of Fall is letting go, the wisdom of branches and leaves to release and return to Winter’s alchemical womb, Earth. The void of Winter serves as an alchemical portal for receiving, enfolding light into dark, creating a seed pregnant with our desires, dreams and purpose.

As self-knowing, this seed births our purpose, asking only that we listen, lending our curiosity in place of former fears and needs to interfere. To rest in listening and receiving teaches us Winter’s lesson: to Trust that we too are a part of mother nature’s intelligent creative process.
Summer:  The Transformational Portal of Trust


is as it sounds – a forward impulse to contact elements essential to our growth. The instinctual reach to connect with our needs is inborn. Each spring, however, poses the risk of re-experiencing those times when we haven’t draw in fully, or, in the name of acquisition, have reached beyond our ability to hold and sustain.  Our past conditioning of either too much or too little reach begs for renegotiation.

Coherent extension arising from winter’s contractive phase of inward reflection allows us to precise interface with essential elements. Sensing for the coherent movement of our own push-pull, we avert old patterns of struggle, competition and confusion. At this edge, the gentle push pull of our reach becomes a creative dance.
Spring:  The Transformational Portal of Contact


In summer, unveiled passion unfolds and blossoms contacting life to negotiate a rhythmic partnership. The courage to release pulsation, yet have the willingness to be patient, builds a fire with the steady warmth that draws and keeps others near. The dance revealed expands the warmth we feel in our hearts to contact and include others in celebration.

As the fire within our heart beats to rise up and out, to touch others, we begin to know what it means to build our internal capacity to both contain and release pulsation in its fullness. Summer begs the translation of internal experience to pure outward expression.

Engaging with self and environment connects our own inward and outward movements, challenging the commitment to our center – the heart. In balancing experience and expression, neither leaving nor suppressing the heart center, we strengthen and solidify our own psychological, emotional and spiritual center. The openness of refined contact surrenders the soul to the rhythm of the universe and the grace of life.
Summer:  The Transformational Portal of Rhythm
Late Summer:  The Transformational Portal of Receiving


The power of body, mind and emotions to self-organize is overlooked.  Given the right nourishment – soil, water, sunlight – all things grow into natural fullness.  Fall is like it sounds – the fruits of our labors “fall,” ripened by the seasons of water and sun, and begin a return to the alchemical womb, earth. Winter as womb season simply requires the preparation of fall’s descending gravity to cut into the earth creating a portal of passage for the alchemy of light and dark.There is no effort in this – the gravity of our work in prior seasons reveals itself now. There is nothing to do.
Fall:  The Transformational Portal of Surrender


Gloria Gonzalez, 21-day detox

Gloria Gonzalez, CMT SEP, is CCO/Founder of Eight Elements West, an Institute for Somatic Education and Integrative Wellness.  Her nutrition and trauma therapy practice include working with nutrition, accumulated stress and trauma through:  Nia, Yoga, :  PULSE 21-Day Detox, Somatic Experiencing, Organic IntelligenceVisceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy.

Pulse 21 21-Day Detox

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