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Classes and Training

Classes  Enjoy spacious windows, skylights, an ocean view in La Jolla along the precious beach of Windansea.  A dynamic team of professionals guide your practice with higher education in Yoga, Barre, Nia and Strength Training.

Training  Find lasting change.  Begin with measured progress markers to ensure a solid, secure and forward moving experience. Focus on postural stability, mobility and somatic neurodevelopment.


Mat work and barre – personal attention helps your body elongate and find proper alignment.


Tensions are released, the mind becomes less distracted, more stable. Notice an improved feeling of clarity, and a sense of calm.


This sensory-based practice empowers self-awareness and emotional expression with 9 Movement Art Forms “MADAHA”:
3 Martial Arts:  tai chi, tae kwon do, aikido
3 Dance Arts: jazz, modern, Duncan
3 Healing Arts: Alexander, Feldenkrais, yoga


An internal practice engages the postural core structure and the natural body, and restore function and vitality.  Work with focus, concentration, balance.

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