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We are committed to personal transformation for healthier living. Progression begins with a customized programs that address personal needs.  A 7-point functional movement screen can identify individual needs and guide you to become balanced, stronger, educated and whole. We join your commitment and dedication to yourself through barre & pilates as a daily practice.

Class Schedule
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2 ways to begin now:

1 – Interested in classes?
If you are brand new to Barre & Pilates, please call to speak with one of our Barre & Pilates instructors. We want to do a quick assessment and find the best class for you to begin.  Or, if you have previous matwork experience, let us know where, with whom, and how long you’ve been studying.

2 – Want an assessment first? Try the FMS
The FMS has its roots in physical therapy-based development.  We are working with “closed kinetic chain” patterns that tell us whether the body is talking from head-to-toe fully and properly.   Closed kinetic chain means that the distal ends of your extremities (your hands and feet) are in a fixed position.  This means there’s a pressure signal that’s being applied back into the body’s joints.  This joint force-coupling in closed kinetic chain exercises tend to be better for joint communication and for stabilization.

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How will my body change?
The central concept of Barre & Pilates training is to strengthen the “Powerhouse”, the core of the body.  This includes the deep abdominal muscles, buttock muscles and the muscles around the spine. In Barre & Pilates, all body movement is initiated from the Powerhouse, requiring stabilization of the pelvis and shoulder girdle.  This unified movement stretches and strengthens the entire body. Flowing movement and concentration engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Traditional training methods produce shorter muscles – a type of musculature more prone to injury. Barre & Pilates elongates the spine by increasing the elasticity of fascia and muscles. Dramatic spine strength and joint flexibility in balance create a more functional and free body.

Will I get individual attention?
At 8EW Barre & Pilates La Jolla we offer privates and duets equipment sessions, and small group mat sessions. We believe individual attention assists you in achieving goals quickly and safely. Barre & Pilates focus is on form, alignment, and accuracy.

Who can do Pilates?
With the assistance of a qualified instructor, almost everyone can do Barre & Pilates! We work with clients from all walks of life and physical needs from ages 15 to 85.

How many times a week should I do Pilates?
Attending Barre & Pilates regularly is the most important part of results.  Consistent attendance 1-3 times a week with either equipment or mat training will greatly enhance your body strength and flexibility.

Will I lose weight with Pilates?
Though different body types respond to certain types of exercise best, Barre & Pilates is a great addition to any weight loss regimen. It will help you get in touch with deep support inside your body.  With structural support, your breathing and digestion may improve, and your body will find a new place of ease and relaxation.  As with any weight loss program, we also recommend you see a professional for complete guidance.

Is Pilates aerobic ?
Aerobic is cardiovascular exercise that increases your heart rate and breathing rate. When a certain proficiency is achieved in Barre & Pilates, and you can move through the exercise sequences continuously, it can certainly raise your heart rate!

Will I bulk up doing Pilates?
No! Barre & Pilates creates longer, leaner muscles and balanced strength.

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