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Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga sessions are invigorating, therapeutic, strengthening, and meditative.

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What is Aerial Yoga ?
Aerial yoga, or antigravity yoga, uses high-density nylon fabric (2,000+lbs.) and high quality gear that adjusts to your height. With the support of the hammock you’ll do traditional yoga poses in the air according to your skill level. No prior experience is needed to begin. Sessions are invigorating, therapeutic, strengthening, and meditative.


Why choose Aerial Yoga ?
Aerial yoga is an expansive and limitless practice that imbues flow. It is an art which explores movement through the gentle support of the fabric, helping to release holding in the body and mind as you invert and stretch in the air. It is fun, safe and uplifting. Improve your mat practice including handstand and various inversions.


What are the benefits of inversion therapy?
Inversion therapy helps your body recover from the compressive effects of gravity. It’s been scientifically proven that poses with the heart higher than the head can be advantageous for cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, and nervous system function. Inversion therapy can relieve spinal pain, improve circulation, control indigestion, decrease mood swings, enhance immunity, improve flexibility, posture, and bone strength, and is stress therapy.


Is it safe?
Your instructor, Lana Bolender CMT, AYT is a highly trained aerial yoga instructor with over 20 years of acrobatic and gymnastics teaching experience. She is compassionate towards your needs and will acknowledge fears while helping you explore your opportunities to improve and grow. Together you will move past your perceived limits and explore movements you may have only dreamed of. This is a safe and controlled practice.

Sessions: $95/single, $75/ea for 10 series.

* Please check with your instructor for contraindications to this practice.

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