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Clear Mind. Clear Body. Clear Heart.

The basis for a great life is being healthy – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Our belief in whole person wellness remains our core mission. In today’s environment we believe it is a deep sense of inner well-being that helps you make the best you can of every day. Step by step changes in diet, exercise, and daily and seasonal routines greatly enhance your strength, stability, and vitality. Studies have shown that simple shifts in lifestyle are the ones that last. With these shifts, you restore your body’s natural healing mechanisms on all levels.

Timeless Solutions.

In ancient medical and healing systems, mind, body and soul were seen as interconnected, non-separable. Today, “integrative medicine” recognizes the wisdom of this same whole person wellness. The Eight Elements whole person approach blends modern modalities with ancient healing remedies with 5,000 years of proven success.

All Levels.

We work with adults and children to integrate mind, body and heart.  We have the tools to work with the client who has few answers for healing a chronic condition, to the sound functioning individual, to highly effective executives and leaders.  Our goal is to transform all levels of the self to create healthier ground for living and to move forward with higher levels of energy.

Established 1985.

Established in 1985, Eight Elements has been in business for over 26 years in La Jolla under one owner. We’ve offered Yoga and Nia for over 22 years; Pilates for 15 years; and Massage for over 26 years.  Eight Elements was engaged in MindBody Fitness and Health long before it became popular. Over the years, we have become a strong “Wellness Resource Center” providing natural solutions for your health and well-being.

Wellness Professionals.

Eight Elements’ MindBody Professionals are highly educated professionals trainers, therapists and educators. They have 20 or more years experience in the wellness industry that include trainings as black belt martial artists, professional dancers, and healers. Because these dedicated professionals join our team long-term, we have an established reputation of offering a comprehensive approach of personalized service and personal education for our clients.

80% of Success is Showing Up.

Your every visit counts. Each time you show up to take care of yourself, you invest in your own wellness account. You’ll go home feeling renewed after every visit.  Our clients report that the knowledge we provide not only benefits them daily, but continues to grow and expand year after year.

Deepen Your Natural Wellness.

Reduce stress, liberate your energy, and expand your awareness of self. Become dedicated to the idea of putting yourself first. It’s not selfish. The healthier you are, the more positively you affect your life and the people around you. We join you on your journey to greater clarity, happiness and well-being.

Stay Naturally Well,
Gloria Gonzalez
CCO/Founder, Eight Elements West®

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