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Qualifications: Massage Technician Certification, Mueller College of Holistic Therapies, 2004; Massage Practitioner Certification, School of Healing Arts, 2005; Nia White Belt, 2006; YogaFit Teacher Training, 2006; Reiki Master Level, 2007; Craniosacral I & II, SER I, Upledger Institute, 2007; Life Coach Program, Coach for Life, 2008; 200-hr Teacher Training Certification, Yogawell Institute of Progressive Therapies, 2013.

Kristina’s specialty:  BodyZen massage (a blend of deep tissue, myofascial release, acupressure, craniosacral therapy and reiki), Yoga Therapy and Life Coaching.

About Kristina:

I was born in the Philippines and moved with my family to San Diego when I was thirteen.  From a very young age, I was exposed to energy healing, massage, dance, music, meditation, yoga, martial arts, and the practice of awareness and spiritual evolution. I continue to cultivate these seeds through life-long education and practice.

Personally, I have found light touch therapies to be very powerful. I suffered from chronic headaches and hip pain for 15 years from a car accident when I was a teenager. Through craniosacral therapy, I have practically eliminated them both. Two years ago, I experienced an upper cervical injury.  I could barely move my neck, had vertigo and tinnitus.  I continue to heal myself through my practice of reiki, craniosacral therapy, yoga and qigong.  I could not have recovered as well without acupuncture and massage from our amazing team of healers at Eight Elements West. The Modern Medicine Detox year-long program also helped to get my body back in great shape internally and externally.  I am now fully functional, gaining strength and feeling amazing!!!!

As a result of this experience, my sensitivity to energy flow in the body has deepened.  I share what I’ve learned through my work with clients so they too can experience healing, peace and well-being.

I listen to your body to facilitate its healing, allowing the body to guide me to places where it needs unwinding to release chronic holding patterns (blocked energy), tension and pain. I use nurturing deep massage techniques along with various light touch/energy therapies to support your body in the process of moving energy for vitality.

I also teach Yin Yoga which works with the connective tissue in the body to increase range of motion and relieve chronic pain.  The practice of Yin Yoga also increases focus and concentration, brings calm and peace to the mind and heart.

Allow me to be one of your guides in your journey to health and well-being.  I look forward to working with you.

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