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I am so excited to announce that I am joining the amazing group of people at Eight Elements West as one of their Nia teachers. Eight Elements West is an extraordinary place with highly skilled massage therapists, personal trainers, acupuncturist and more. They have a variety of classes that are fitness based and also classes that take you deeper into your human experience – as a spiritual being. If you are in San Diego and have not checked them out, please come by.

Intuitive Counseling Sessions with Katy
1. Sessions can help you better navigate through the upcoming waters. I use my clear vision of your energy – where your circuits connect to the past and present – to help your clearly find your way into the next steps in life. As we talk about what lies in the future, I help prepare you to live from your highest self, and how to let go of what no longer works. I often share energy healing techniques for self use. These include sound, breath and bodywork in conjunction with meditative practices.

2. The people who see me are often most interested in spiritual development and want to succeed on a number of levels. With that, they seek insight and preparation to live out their lives from the strongest and most solid place possible. I also help those who are at a crossroads and want intuitive insights and guidance for their best path.

3. I do not handle physical/mental medical issues  If you are experiencing symptoms, please do consult your physician for proper diagnosis of any condition.

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